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When we started our voice-enabled/chatbot journey, we quickly realized that there is a strong need to separate business from conversational logic. Business logic is how you access and what you do with your data or functionalities, while conversational logic defines the communication process between the system and the end-users.

In short, you want your programmers to solve just technical issues and you want someone more human friendly to define interaction with your users.

That’s why we defined conversation as a stream of reusable components that are used through GUI. Developers are able to add new functionalities with adding new components to the system, while publishers are using all that in a familiar way through GUI.

As you might notice, we define two main types of roles when you are involved with the Convoworks: developers and publishers.

Developers are required when you need custom integration or additional features and there is a separate documentation section for their needs.

Publishers are more business and personal-oriented, mostly webmasters, which have some technical skills but are basically not coders. It is not a rule, but they usually hire developers when they need to set up new functionalities. As mentioned, it is not required from publishers to be programmers, but some basic programming knowledge is desired (variables, if/then/else, goto …).

In this section you can find information on how to use Convoworks GUI, what are the basic concepts behind it, and how to create and manage your conversational services.

What is the best way to learn Convoworks?

We recommend that you first use and follow Tutorial – Getting started which reviews Convoworks functionalities in a way that you can easily follow instructions and end up with a functional conversational service.

You can also just import one of the ready-to-run templates and try to figure out how it works. If you have basic programming knowledge and you are used to using various “composers” it should be quite easy to figure out how the system works. While you are using the GUI, for better understanding, check for the tooltips and help sections it contains.

What is the hardest part?

When you start using the Convoworks, you’ll soon realize that creating and managing conversation is actually the fun part. The most ‘painful’ part is deployment on the target platforms and their app stores. They usually have a lot of descriptive fields to populate, different types of screenshots you have to provide, and the review process you have to pass. That is something you’ll have to learn by mistake and go through on your own.

Something similar is in the Unity3d development and publishing apps on Apple app store or Google Play. It is easy to develop a cross-platform mobile game, but publishing it on the app store is something completely different and can vary from store to store.


  • Developers are required only if you want to extend Convoworks functionality
  • There are ready to run service templates you can start within no time
  • In the end, you’ll have to know something about the platforms you want to serve with your Convoworks services