Here are few downloadable packages that you can install locally or on your server.
Please note that this is a beta period and that we do not recommend using it for production purposes.

What’s new in x.21 version?

  • Audio player refactored
  • Fixed simple list and card elements in `convo-visuals` package
  • Alexa configuration extended with “Distribution Information” and “Skill Account Linking”
  • Copy/paste components works across multiple tabs now
  • Various small fixes and improvements
  • WordPress Only: Added WP Media Context for accessing media library audio files (mp3s) – check the Build your own music streaming skill with Amazon Alexa and WordPress

Convoworks WP – WordPress plugin

Current version: v0.21 – WordPress plugin is the easiest way to start using Convoworks. Just upload and activate!
Read more about this implementation here.

Convoworks Prototype

Plain PHP, standalone example application. You can find more about this implementation at Meet the Convoworks Prototype – Plain PHP Convoworks integration example

Docker package – The zip with source and docker setup. Just run docker-compose up and open browser at http://localhost:8080

Full package – The zip with all required files included. No need for a composer, node, … Just unpack and deploy on your Apache/PHP, configure and run.

First time setup note
For both variants, when running for the first time, you have to define admin users. When running the full package, you’ll have to set up a config file too.
Check the shipped that you can find in chosen download package!

Upgrade procedure
Just overwrite your existing installation with the new version. Your configuration files will be preserved.