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In this section, you’ll learn about Convoworks and how to utilize the Convoworks GUI to develop voice or chatbot services, as well as other types of applications that Convoworks supports.

In the Basics subsection, you’ll get introduced to fundamental conversation and Convoworks concepts. If you’re new to Convoworks or voice and chat platforms, we recommend starting here.

Follow the Getting Started tutorial to create a service from scratch and deploy it to platforms like Dialogflow and Amazon.

The Service Template Walkthrough will help you understand our service templates. For a deeper dive into Convoworks components, check out the Component Reference.

For instructions on connecting your service to different third-party chat platforms, see the Platform Configuration guide.

We also offer Convoworks Basics video tutorials on YouTube. These videos will guide you through the initial setup, explain foundational principles, and demonstrate how to create a fully functional number guessing game.
Convoworks Basics Intro and GUI Walkthrough