Jun 10, 2021

Convoworks is available on the WordPress plugin directory

From now on, you can install Convoworks WP plugin through the official WordPress directory. Now you can really create Amazon Alexa skills in a few clicks. Convoworks is in the beta phase, but you can already do a whole lot more with less trouble than with any other currently available solution.

Powerful, component based model

Convoworks has an unique visual editor which defines conversation as a series of steps (like pages in sitemap). Inside step, business logic is defined and executed by components. Components can be simple as IF or GOTO, but they can be complex and serve for creating an appointment (with validation hooks, …) or handling the trivia quiz round.

There are several key benefits which are arising from our model:

  • You have great control over conversation workflow
  • It is possible to add new component packages through 3rd party plugins and themes
  • The complete voice application can be exported and used as ready to use template

If you are an agency or freelancer, with Convoworks you can implement voice applications for your customers in a few hours. In case of some specific implementations, you are still not stuck and you can easily add missing pieces to the system by yourself.

Fully Integrated into WordPress

Convoworks works inside your WordPress installation and is shipped with several generic data access components for accessing a WordPress database. It also allows you to use a bunch of PHP and WordPress functions inside your conversation workflow.

But the real power comes with the ability to create your own package with custom components. That way you can implement more powerful functionalities and have your application definition more readable and maintainable. Specialized components are written in PHP, meaning that they have access to the whole environment and they can call WordPress or some other plugin functions. That way, all the hooks and additional plugin functionalities will be applied even when running through your voice application!

If you are a plugin/theme developer, you can enhance your product with the optimized components and ready to use, full voice application templates. That way your customers can have voice assistant services in a matter of minutes.

If you are first time using the Convoworks, make sure you check the Getting started tutorial.

You might also want to check how to read post data and how to stream music from your WordPress installation. Check on our blog for more examples.

Don’t wait. Try Convoworks WP now and tell us what you think.

Convoworks WP on WordPress.org

Try Convoworks WP plugin with Amazon Alexa using InstaWP – no server, no registration required

Tihomir Dmitrović

Tihomir Dmitrović

Full stack developer with 20+ years of professional experience, specialized in solving complex problems in a scalable manner. Founded Convoworks, which is a GUI based tool for creating voice and chatbot applications through WordPress.

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