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We have a collection of built-in functions you can use in the Editor in combination with expression language.
Some are built-in functions imported from the PHP language, while others were created specifically for use in Editor. You can learn how to use functions in our Expression language guide.


Name Origin Description Parameters
count PHP link 1 array or countable object, 2  optional COUNT_RECURSIVE
rand PHP link 1 lowest return number, 2 highest return number
strtolower PHP link 1 string
strtoupper PHP link 1 string
date PHP link 1 date format, 2 optional timestamp
is_numeric PHP link 1 variable
is_int PHP link 1 variable
strlen PHP link 1 string
array_rand PHP link 1 array, 2 number of entries to be picked
urlencode PHP link 1 string
str_replace PHP link 1 searched value, 2 replacement value, 3 array or string being searched, 4 optional number of replacements
array_splice PHP link 1 array, 2 offset number, 3 optional length number, 4 optional replacement array
is_array PHP link 1 variable
in_array PHP link 1 searched value, 2 array, 3 optional TRUE for strict search
array_search PHP link 1 searched value, 2 array, 3 optional TRUE for strict search
array_shuffle custom Randomizes the order of the elements an array 1 array
decode_special_chars custom Decodes special HTML characters 1 string
array_sort_by_field custom Sorts an array by field name 1 array, 2 name of the field
ordinal custom Converts a number to an ordinal number 1 numeric variable
human_concat custom Joins words together with a comma, and “and” 1 array
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