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GPT Package

The Convoworks GPT WordPress Plugin is an extension package for the Convoworks WP. This package is a bridge to the OpenAI API, allowing WordPress site owners to harness the power of GPT-based models directly within their websites. The plugin can either be part of the Convoworks core or function as a separate plugin, with that decision pending.


The Convoworks GPT WordPress Plugin provides powerful functions to enhance interactions:

  • tokenize_string( $text, $stopWords=null): Processes a given string, removing HTML, converting to lowercase, stripping punctuation, and tokenizing. This prepares the string for use with the embeddings API.

Key Features

The package introduces several new and enhanced components:

  • GPT Chat Completion API Element & GPT Chat Completion API v2: OpenAI API wrapper elements tailored for chat completions with advanced dynamic capabilities and added contexts.
  • System Message & Conversation Messages: Components essential for managing and maintaining the context of conversations with GPT Chat Completion API v2.
  • Chat Function: Function definitions enhancing GPT Chat Completion API v2 component.
  • GPT Messages Limiter: Summarizes older messages to maintain message size limits.
  • GPT Embeddings Element: A tool for fetching vector representations of given input through the OpenAI Embeddings API.
  • GPT Moderation API: Ensures generated content aligns with guidelines by validating input through the OpenAI Moderation API.
  • GPT Query Generator: Creates context-rich questions from ongoing conversations, beneficial for querying a knowledge database.

In addition to the new components, the plugin offers a service template named GPT Example Chat that includes pre-configured setups, demonstrating the practical application of these elements.

Installation and Configuration

For a smooth installation and setup:

  1. Ensure the Convoworks WP plugin is installed and activated.
  2. Upload and activate the convoworks-gpt plugin.
  3. In your WP admin panel, navigate to Convoworks WP, choose Create new, enter a name, select the GPT Example Chat template, and click Submit.
  4. Under the Variables view, provide your OpenAI key into the `GPT_API_KEY` variable.
  5. Test the setup through the Test view.

For in-depth guidance, visit the plugin’s GitHub repository or refer to our blog post.

Further Read

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In Conclusion

The Convoworks GPT plugin opens up a realm of AI-powered opportunities for WordPress users. From building intelligent chat assistants to crafting bots for specific website tasks, this tool simplifies AI integration within WordPress. Though currently in the development phase, we’re excited about the potential enhancements, like leveraging user data more effectively and introducing long-term memory features. Stay tuned for more!