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System intents are a built-in part of the Core package. If there’s a corresponding intent on the Amazon or Dialogflow platforms, we map it to our intent, otherwise, we generate the custom intent of the same name on the platform. Learn more about the ConvoWorks Intent Model here: Intent and entity model

System Amazon Dialogflow Utterances
RepeatIntent AMAZON.RepeatIntent custom repeat
say that again
repeat that
CancelIntent AMAZON.CancelIntent custom cancel
never mind
forget it
StopIntent AMAZON.StopIntent custom stop
HelpIntent AMAZON.HelpIntent custom help
help me
can you help me
NextIntent AMAZON.NextIntent custom next
PreviousIntent AMAZON.PreviousIntent custom back
go back
PauseIntent AMAZON.PauseIntent custom pause
ResumeIntent AMAZON.ResumeIntent custom resume
StartOverIntent AMAZON.StartOverIntent custom start over
NavigateHomeIntent AMAZON.NavigateHomeIntent custom home
go home
LoopOnIntent AMAZON.LoopOnIntent custom loop on
LoopOffIntent AMAZON.LoopOffIntent custom loop off
ShuffleOnIntent AMAZON.ShuffleOnIntent custom shuffle on
ShuffleOffIntent AMAZON.ShuffleOffIntent custom shuffle off
NoIntent AMAZON.NoIntent custom no
YesIntent AMAZON.YesIntent custom yes
ScrollLeftIntent AMAZON.ScrollLeftIntent custom scroll left
go left
ScrollRightIntent AMAZON.ScrollRightIntent custom go right
scroll right
PlaySong custom custom play a song
play songs
start playback
play a song by Lou Bega
play songs by Lou Bega
play songs from Rock
play Mambo No. 5 by Lou Bega
ContinuePlayback custom custom continue playback