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System entities are a built-in part of the Core package. If there’s a corresponding entity on the Amazon or Dialogflow platforms, we map it to our entity, otherwise, we generate the custom entity of the same name on the platform.

System Amazon Dialogflow
number AMAZON.NUMBER @sys.number-integer
city AMAZON.City @sys.geo-city
country AMAZON.Country @sys.geo-country
any AMAZON.SearchQuery @sys.any
person AMAZON.FirstName @sys.person
artist AMAZON.Artist @sys.music-artist
genre AMAZON.Genre @sys.music-genre
song-name AMAZON.MusicRecording @sys.any
date AMAZON.DATE @sys.date
time AMAZON.TIME @sys.time
color AMAZON.Color @sys.color
language AMAZON.Language @sys.language
person AMAZON.Person @sys.person
airport AMAZON.Airport @sys.airport
duration AMAZON.DURATION @sys.duration
phone-number AMAZON.PhoneNumber @sys.phone-number