Feb 7, 2023

A Fun and Easy Introduction to Working with GPT – Using Your WordPress Website!

You certainly could not miss the ChatGPT hype all over the Internet lately. No wonder, it is extraordinary technology that will have a tremendous impact on the world we live in.

No matter if you are aware that this is just a beginning and there is much to come yet, you might want to know how you can use it, besides ChatGPT or GPT playground web apps. It is such powerful technology that it would be nice to learn how to use it and make our lives easier. But here’s the catch: working with Language Models (LLMs) is completely different from all you learned so far about computer programming.

We at Convoworks are also on that track, so we created a simple GPT-3 integration example. This tutorial is designed to give you a basic understanding of GPT-3 without overwhelming you with unfamiliar terms and concepts. Example is deployed as a Viber chatbot, but you can easily configure and run it through FB Messenger too (you can even have both at the same time)..

The full step by step tutorial is available on HackerNoon – GPT-3 in Your Pocket? Why Not!

This article provides a tutorial on how to use the no-code plugin Convoworks to create a GPT-powered chatbot for the Viber app. It explains the steps needed to set up the chatbot, including installing the plugin, setting up Viber, and entering an OpenAI auth key. It also looks at conversational elements, such as setting conversation variables and using plain text filters for special commands. Finally, it considers future ideas such as authentication and prompt engineering.

With this tutorial, you can start using GPT-3 in less than 15 minutes.
So, head on and have fun with it!

Tihomir Dmitrović

Tihomir Dmitrović

Full stack developer with 20+ years of professional experience, specialized in solving complex problems in a scalable manner. Founded Convoworks, which is a GUI based tool for creating voice and chatbot applications through WordPress.

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